Hart of Dixie fashion: Sparks Fly

Rachel Bilson styleHart of Dixie style

Hart of Dixie fashion: Zoe Hart’s melon orange cap sleeve top

You know how sometimes you have an “oh shit” moment? (Yeah, some of you just unsubscribed. I get it.)

Like the moment you realize that maybe Wade is bored of your “body as a wonderland?”

Or you try to woo a girl only to find out she wants you to break a window with your fist and steal a dog in a Juicy Couture tutu?

Or you realize haven’t written a recap for this morning’s item?

That’s this moment.

Here’s this week’s Hart of Dixie fashion recap. I’m not sure if you guys even read these recaps. Let me know if you do. Because if you don’t, I could really start cutting and pasting Latin body copy and no one will know the difference.

Certainly not Wade. That’s for sure.

Check out more Zoe Hart style and what Rachel Bilson wore on Hart ofDixie

Hart of Dixie fashion

Hart of Dixie styleZoe Hart leather jacket

Zoe Hart style cheetah blouse,  Pleione (not online)

Zoe Hart’s Quilted leather jacket:

Hart of Dixie styleHart of Dixie lace dress

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) lace overlay hot pink and turquoise dress

also seen on Rachel Berry from Glee here

6 thoughts on “Hart of Dixie fashion: Sparks Fly

  1. Gianna

    Love Hart of Dixie fashion and all your recaps of the show.

  2. Lisa

    I read them!!! Don’t stop. Seriously.

  3. Kristen

    I agree. We definitely read the recaps! So worth the time!

  4. Caryn

    Of course I read them! Every day, crazy!!

  5. Tasha

    I love your hart of dixie recaps!!! Honestly, you don’t know how often I watch the show, wait for your post and then buy the clothes. Seriously. Like half my wardrobe has come from your links!

    Just a quick question: Do you know where the boots Zoe wore on her date are from?! I’m obsessed with them!


  6. milk

    stealing a dog is going to far

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