Happy Endings fashion: To Serb With Love

Alex's blue lace dressHappy Endings Alex style

Happy Endings fashion

Alex’s blue lace dress

Free People Candy Lace Dress

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Everyone thinks it’s such a bad thing to be a fifth wheel. And with Jane and Brad as solid as ever, Alex and Dave falling awkwardly into coupledom, and the impending duet that is Penny and Pete, Happy Endings’ Max is feeling like he’s been relegated to the trunk.

But that’s the thing about being the fifth wheel.

No matter how sturdy you think the other wheels are, there’s always a nail to drive over, or a broken beer bottle left haphazardly in the street that could puncture that comfortable balance.

And all of a sudden being the fifth wheel means that you’re the one that everyone depends on.

Without that fifth wheel, how else would anyone get to the liquor store an unexpected flat tire?

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Happy Endings Jane styleHappy Endings Jane blue lace blouse

Jane’s blue lace key hole blouse

Jaime Blouse

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Jane's colorblock dressHappy Endings fashion

Jane’s colorblock dress


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