Happy Endings fashion: P&P romance style


Alex's shearling jacket
Elisha Cuthbert as Alex wears this Sandro Shearling jacket (not available online) for the December 4, 2012 episode of Happy Endings: P&P Love Factory

Okay so last spring break my family and I went to Arizona and we saw a woman fall into the fountain at a restaurant.

As my husband is recounting this story to a close family friend, she interrupts to ask, “was it Dana?”

So I totally get Penny’s clumsy ways. Not to mention ┬áher Happy Endings fashion including an affinity for drapey Helmut Lang vests and Parker dresses.

This week on Happy Endings, we got to see Penny stumble her way into a date with a super cute guy. Head injury or not, I can see why anyone would feel a little dizzy around Penny’s new beau.

Check out more clothes from Happy Endings, and Jane, Penny and Alex’s Happy Endings style


Jane's red dress Happy Endings Happy Endings Jane

Happy Endings Jane (Eliza Coupe) 3/4 sleeve red dress

Happy Endings Fashion

Jane's turquoise blazerJane's blue blazer on Happy Endings

Happy Endings Jane’s turquoise blazer

Happy Endings Fashion

Penny's draped vestClothes from Happy Endings

Happy Endings style: Penny’s draped gray vest

Happy Endings Fashion


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  1. Lily

    What is Penny’s necklace in the photo above? In the last photo were she is wearing the grey vest?

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