Happy Endings Fashion: Penny’s sheer gray sweater

Happy Endings stylePenny's Happy Endings style sweater


Happy Endings fashion


Penny’s v neck sheer sweater

See it at Helmut Lang (on sale!)

This week’s Happy Endings was all about the plight of the Christmas Babies.

And while I don’t mean to go all “First World Problems” on you, if you think it’s hard for December 25 babies, just imagine how hard it is for their parents.

Sure, we don’t celebrate Christmas in the Possessionista household, but I’ve got a December baby whose birthday more often than not coincides with our little floating holiday.

Just imagine how difficult it is as a parent to choose the perfect birthday present on top of the eight presents that is his birthright in exchange for having to endure matzoh for eight straight days in the spring.

I guess maybe we should have enlisted the “gift whisperer” for his help.

Note to self: Do not by children giant candles.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Endings Fashion: Penny’s sheer gray sweater

  1. Lily

    What are Penny’s boots in the picture above?

  2. Claire

    Could you please post more of the girls’ clothes from this episode if you can! I pretty much want it all. Especially that jacket with the glitter collar Alex wore!

  3. Anonym

    What a necklace on Penny in this picture?

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