Glee Fashion: Thanksgiving Rachel Red Dress

Glee fashionGlee fashion

Lea Michele as Rachel Berry’s red Thanksgiving dress

Glee fashion


Hi Dana,

I am looking for Rachel Berry’s long-sleeved red dress from last night’s Thanksgiving episode. Any thoughts? I love your blog and your witty Twitter comments! 🙂 Thanks! Claudia

Even a tribute to Gangnam Style couldn’t damper my excitement for this week’s Glee. We finally got to see the downside of Marley’s eating disorder and she seems to have all but eliminated that sorry pageboy cap from her wardrobe.

And while it’s all kinds of sad to see Quinn, Mercedes and Santana think it’s even remotely cool to go back to McKinley High as part of the Glee club (seriously? Graduate already) it did remind me that there is an upside to being the one who – like Rachel Berry – doesn’t go home for Thanksgiving.

I’ve missed every one of my high school reunions – each of them falling on a year that I didn’t return home – and have been able to carefully cultivate a kind of post-high school mystery that makes my fellow grads think I’ve gotten cooler with age based on a clever Twitter timeline and selective Facebook posts.

Maybe now they’ll all believe that like Rachel and Kurt, the reason I’m not returning home to eat pigs in a blanket and rehash prom 1994 is because I’m hosting a Kiki (whatever that is) for Sarah Jessica Parker and her 12 closest drag queens.

Hey, it could happen.

Check out what else Rachel, Marley, Quinn and Emma are wearing on Glee

Glee fashionGlee style dress

Sarah Jessica Parker as Isabelle’s red and white print dress

Glee fashion




4 thoughts on “Glee Fashion: Thanksgiving Rachel Red Dress

  1. Vicki

    Hi! I am DYING to find that FABULOUS necklace SJP is wearing with that Oscar de la Renta frock. Help me!!! Thanks!

    1. Dana Weiss

      It’s Lanvin! XO

      1. Vicki Chan

        The crystal floral one from the KiKi seen? I’ve seen the Lanvin Eagle, but can’t find this one!

  2. Jennifer Pickett

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