Glee Fashion: Rachel Berry sequin white dress

Rachel Berry Fashion from GleeGlee fashion

Glee Fashion

Lea Michele as Rachel Berry wears a sequin embellished, corset white gown to perform at NYADA on Glee: SwanSong

December 6, 2012

See it at: ShopBop

I’ve never been particularly talented in the fine arts.

I can’t dance. I’m a below average singer.

And my talent for playing Chopsticks on the piano is almost as laughable as my use of chopsticks when I go out for sushi.

So unless NYADA has plans to add a department for watching TV and writing about dresses I recognize from it (like Rachel’s Rebecca Taylor strapless gown from last night’s Glee) I suspect I’ll be sitting this Winter Showcase out.

TV fashion as a major? Sounds like something from a state college, anyway.

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7 thoughts on “Glee Fashion: Rachel Berry sequin white dress

  1. Jill

    And in case any one is wondering the coat she is wearing over this dress when she is outside talking to Finn On the phone is from H&M. It’s an oatmeal clored peplum coat that is DIVINE! I got it and had it tailored to perfection.
    see it here…

    1. Anonymous

      Where is the black strappy bra she wearing when she performs all that jazz in the same episode.

      1. Dana Weiss

        It’s by Marlies Dekkers. Michelle Money wore a similar one on the Bachelor.

        1. Anonymous


  2. Megan

    Such a beautiful gown I love it!

  3. Samantha

    Any chance, anyone knows where I could find that necklace she is wearing?

  4. Samantha

    Any chance anyone knows where I could find that necklace she is wearing?

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