Emily Maynard fashion: dresses from Ashley Hebert wedding

Emily Maynard fashion dressDress Emily Maynard wore

Photo via Marissa May Facebook

Emily Maynard fashion: Emily’s dress from Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum’s wedding: Myne


So apparently The View released a few photos from Ashley And JP’s wedding. To be honest the entire night is kind of a blur for me.

It’s not everyday you have to stand by and watch the guy of your dreams marry someone else.

Don’t think it didn’t cross my mind to stand up and object.

In the end, I did the right thing – letting Ashley and JP find their happily ever after – but not before I grilled the attendees including  Emily Maynard, Marissa May, Ali Fedotowsky, Jackie Gordon, Michelle Money, DeAnna Pappas, Jillian Harris about their wedding attire.

As the pictures trickle out, I’ll be ID’ing everyone’s clothes from the wedding. (For the record, my favorite outfits were Britt Billmaier who wore a romantic Free People dress, Molly Mesnick who has the cutest baby bump ever, and the Bride, Ashley Hebert who was glowing in Randi Rahm.)

And in the words of Craig Robinson, “everyone was on their A-game that night. I think you’re responsible for that.”

The Bachelor Wedding fashion

Marissa May’s lace cap sleeve dress from Ashley and JP’s Wedding

Nicole Miller, See it at Nordstrom

Also seen on Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries


5 thoughts on “Emily Maynard fashion: dresses from Ashley Hebert wedding

  1. brighton

    LOVING the neck line and the lace 🙂 so cute!

  2. Megan

    Not loving Emily’s dress! Maybe it just doesn’t look great on the model and since we haven’t seen a full body shot of Emily maybe I’m wrong…but in general I tend not to be a huge fan of Emily’s gowns!! (Although I love her everyday fashion). Love Marissa May’s dress though, loved it on Nina Dobrev in Vampire Diaries also I did prefer the black lace

  3. shannon

    I’d love to see a full body shot of Emily in the dress. Looks really pretty to me, just not great on the model.

  4. Whitney Fields

    Molly Mesnick was wearing the Stella & Dot Pegasus necklace and Aurora cocktail ring!

    Pegasus necklace: http://shop.stelladot.com/style/b2c_en_us/n219.html?s=wcfields
    Aurora cocktail ring: http://shop.stelladot.com/style/b2c_en_us/r117sm.html?s=wcfields

  5. Lori

    Just watched the wedding and Emily stole the show!

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