Ashley Hebert pink robe

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Ashley Hebert’s pink robe from her wedding
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Also seen on Emily Maynard

Hi, I am wondering if you might know where Ashley bought her light pink colored robe from last nights wedding episode? I am looking for a getting ready robe for my wedding and loved her robe! I know her colors were blush pink, as our mine. I am loving the idea of a “blushing bride” pink for my wedding robe! Any pointers would help! Thanks! – Kristi

My favorite part of the Ashley and JP’s wedding was when Chris Harrison sat down with Trista and Ryan.

When Chris asked the most. dramatic. question. ever – “how is this different than your wedding?” Ryan Sutter didn’t miss a beat:

“It’s less pink,” the hot fireman and other half of Trista Sutter, the original Bachelorette deadpanned.

To wit, Ashley Hebert’s wedding was decidedly less pink than her predecessor. Still, it wouldn’t be a Bachelorette without a hint of rose.

Along with her special order Manolo Blahnik’s, Ashley decided on a blush Love Ophelia robe to get ready for her big day.

So I guess the only question to remain, is will you accept this robe?

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