Hart of Dixie style: Zoe Hart black dress and blazer

Hart of Dixie style
Rachel Bilson as Zoe Hart wears a flared, sleeveless black dress, embellished tweed blazer and spike earrings for Hart of Dixie: Achy Breaky Heart on November 27, 2012

With all the camping and all the scheming that’s taking place in Blue Bell, I can barely keep up with the plot, much less the fashion of Hart of Dixie.

But one outfit that didn’t escape me this week was Zoe Hart‘s sleeveless flared little black dress and boucle blazer. Rachel Bilson looked positively adorable in this affordable ensemble (no piece more than $150.)

And while you might not want to wear it camping, I suspect if you put this dress on, any guy would by putty in your hands.

Including Lavon James.

Check out Zoe Hart’s style from Hart of Dixie this season. Get the rest of Rachel Bilson fashion this week and see what else Zoe and Lemon have worn on  Hart of Dixie.

Hart of Dixie fashionHart of Dixie style

Zoe Hart’s sleeveless black Hart of Dixie style Dress Hart of Dixie style

Rachel Bilson’s tweed blazer 

Zoe Hart earrings

Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) gold dangle spike earrings 

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