Vampire Diaries fashion: We all go a little mad sometimes style

Vampire Diaries fashionglee fashion

Vampire Diaries fashion

Hailey’s plaid pink and blue shirt

also seen on Silver on 90210 here

and on Marley on Glee here

Is it just me of is Elena sort of a sorry excuse for a vampire?

She’s so mopey dopey all the time. Oh, boo hoo, now that I’m immortal, I think I’ll kill myself.

Time for a reality check, Elena.  Look,  I get it. It’s not the greatest gig, drinking blood and wanting to eat your ex-boyfriend isn’t ideal. But this is the hand, and fangs, that you were dealt.

And seriously, it could be so much worse. At least you don’t have to worry about laser hair removal like a werewolf, or being haunted by Gram as a witch.

You still have two super hot guys vying for your heart. All your best friends are Vampires anyway.

And now that you’ll be young forever, you will save a fortune in plastic surgery and gym memberships.

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Vampire Diaries fashionVampire Diaries style

Caroline Forbes print red dress

Dress Vampire Diaries fashion

Vampire Diaries fashionVampire Diaries styleVampire Diaries fashion

Caroline’s red blazerVampire Diaries fashion

Caroline’s lace tank Vampire Diaries fashion

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