Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope style sweaters and gold zipper gray coat


scandal styleScandal Fashion

Scandal Fashion

Left: Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in a Gucci Grey / Blue wool coat with gold zippers

Right: Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in a pink, roll neck cardigan by Escada

There is nothing better than watching the President’s wife get a verbal lashing on Scandal.

Whether it’s the president telling her that her job is to bake recipes and let bloggers write about her clothes (guilty) or Cyrus’ lecture about how NOT to be the first lady, I have the greatest case of Schadenfreude when it comes to the Scandal’s Mellie.

“Why am I so bitter?”you may ask.

Well it probably has something to do with the fact that last night’s Scandal fashion included a jacket I’d sell my left kidney for, and a pink draped cardigan for which I’d sell the right.

Seeing as the jacket is Gucci and the sweater is Escada, it looks like I’m going to have to sell a few more organs if I want to dress like Olivia Pope.

Thankfully Olivia Pope’s off the shoulder sweater from the last scene of Scandal – between her and Cyrus – is (finally) something you won’t have to sell an organ for.

Which is lucky, because I’m pretty sure my liver is a clearance item as is.

Want to see what else Kerry Washington is wearing as Olivia Pope on Scandal?

scandal fashionOlivia Pope Style

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) cable, off the shoulder cream sweater from Scandal

Olivia Pope fashion


3 thoughts on “Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope style sweaters and gold zipper gray coat

  1. Liz @ Southern Charm

    I can always count on you! I have dreamed about this jacket since I first saw it. I too would give my left kidney for this coat!!

    1. SckoontieLove

      @southerncharm Left me SPEECHLESS<3 Had to know the designer! Follow me at @sckoontie(Instagram)

  2. Bonita

    Hart of Dixie

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