Revenge Fashion: Illusion Style

Red dress revengeRed Dress from 666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue Fashion vs.Revenge Fashion

who wore it better?: Both Emily Thorne  (Emily Van Camp) and Jane Van Veen (Rachel Taylor) wore this deep plunging V-neck Alexander McQueen red dress

Tonight on Revenge Victoria Grayson remarried her frenemusband (that’s a frenemy who’s also your husband.)

Not only did she snub Herve Leger, opting for a gauzy, charcoal Vera Wang dress in lieu of her usual bandage dress (so last year) but Emily Thorne showed up in a plunging red V-neck dress by Alexander McQueen, borrowed from her Primetime neighbor at 666 Park Avenue.

And Jane Van Veen’s 666 Park Avenue wardrobe isn’t the only thing Emily Thorne’s helping herself to.

While cutting a rug with her ex-fiance Daniel Grayson, former bestie Ashley Davenport looked on in a floor length metallic gown by Balenciaga. Since resigning as from her role as Victoria Grayson’s girl Friday, it appears Ashley has upgraded more than just her taste in men.

Come on, Emily. Sloppy seconds aren’t really your style.

Get yourself a new dress and a new fella.

And leave the sloppy seconds for someone who needs them.

Like Amanda Clark.

See what else Emily Thorne and Ashley Davenport have worn on Revenge this season.

Revenge FashionRevenge Style

Emily Van Camp/ Emily Thorne’s yellow wrap dress from Revenge

Revenge fashion

Revenge fashionRevenge Style

Ashley Madekwe plays Ashley Davenport in this metallic and leather rope halter maxi dress

Revenge fashion

Revenge fashionRevenge Fashion

Ashley Davenport’s sleeveless orange shift dress on Revenge

Revenge fashion

21 thoughts on “Revenge Fashion: Illusion Style

  1. Annie

    I miss the days when you would put the designer/store below the picture instead of having to click on the link to find out who makes it. And having to click through to read more instead of having the whole article on the homepage. It’s making it so much more labour intensive to find out if I can afford to buy it or not! lol

    1. Dana Weiss

      I hear you guys, honestly I do. But Possessionista is also a business – when you click on the link, that makes it possible for me to pay for servers, and hosting, and yes childcare (I spend about 80 hours a week on this silly little site.) It’s also a deterrant to those other websites who’ve gotten into the habit of visiting Possessionista, copying and pasting the ID’s and reposting them.

      I know it’s annoying but I hope you’ll consider it a small “convenience fee” in exchange for the information.

      And thank you for speaking up. I do love hearing from you guys – good or bad. Thank you for reading and for understanding.

      1. E. Bronte

        I hear you. A .02 second delay in finding out what the dress is OK by me considering all those reasons you shared with us. Thanks for letting us know. How you ID these dresses within an hour is however crazy! It’s like magic. But it’s not. Haha 🙂

        1. Dana Weiss

          Thank you for understanding.

      2. Lily Chan

        Lol I don’t mind paying you 😛 Cuz is awesome, and you’re awesome!

      3. Elyssa

        I’ve noticed also, especially for Bloomies and J Crew, that the links only bring us to their main pages and not the page with the clothing noted on it. Is that intentional?

        1. Dana Weiss

          It means it’s sold out usually and so the link forwards to their home page. Let me know when you get that, and I’ll update the link if it’s available elsewhere 🙂

          1. Elyssa

            Awesome, and good to know!

  2. meg

    I agree, I too miss the old format of the blog. The new setup makes it very difficult to get right down to the details of the outfits! Would you consider going back to the way that it was?

    1. Dana Weiss

      MEg I am thinking about going back from the “click to read more” because that annoys me too.

      1. Annie

        Just removing the “click to read more” part would make me so happy! One of the things I like most about the site is the commentary, even if I don’t watch the show it’s about it’s still entertaining. I understand the need for the links and I’m totally willing to click through to find out where they’re from 🙂 With the current format whenever I visit Possessionista I end up with about 80 tabs open from clicking on the different articles and all of the links to things that I like!

        1. Dana Weiss

          I agree Annie. I initially thought it gave readers who weren’t interested in the show to scroll down easily, but i also see your point. I’m going to play around with it today. And seriously, thanks for the feedback.

  3. Tom

    Ha, once again there is a lack of mens clothing!

    Any idea what Nolan was wearing in this shot?

  4. Cate

    Hi Dana. Can you identify the grey leather wrap bracelet Kara was wearing when she was on the beach painting ? Thanks !!

  5. Melissa

    Back to the original question. The dress looked way better on Emily!

  6. Becca

    Love Revenge and love the fashion on Revenge. However you need to display what the actresses/actors wear to maximize your profit margin, is fine with me. Revenge is about the only show I watch that you feature, so it’s actually interesting to have a little synopsis of the other shows you cover as sort of an explanation of the dress, etc.

    Unless the site is worth your wile, we won’t have you, will we? I rather have Possessionista your most profitable way than the most user-friendliest to obscurity to removal.

  7. Megan

    I recognized Emily’s dress immediately and thought she definitely wore it better than Jane. Emily is showing some cleavage this season!

  8. Maryanne

    do you know who makes the silver and white dress ashley tries on first?

  9. Carla Martin

    I think Emily Van Camp wore it better than Rachel Taylor. It is just my opinion but both girls were pretty in that dress.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Mary Stewart

    I was wondering where Emily Thorne’s metallic silver dress was from in the episode “Lineage…” She wore it under a white coat when she met Aiden for the first time in the flashback of 2006. Anyone have any ideas???? I love that dress!!!

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