Revenge Fashion: Ashley’s gold tassel necklace

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Ashley’s Revenge Style gold tassel necklace

Revenge Fashion

Last night on Revenge, Ashley Madekwe as Ashley Davenport had a blink and you’ll miss it scene.

The normally scheme-y Miss Davenport had only a few seconds on screen, and in that fleeting moment she wore a gold tassel necklace foreshadowing that she’d later help Daniel throw open the curtains and reveal the Graysons for the scheming, lying finaglers they’ve proven themselves to be.

It’s a little Scarlett O’Hara of Ashley to use the Grayson’s window treatments as a fashion statement. But somehow it worked.

Frankly my dear, when it comes to Ashley’s gold tassel necklace, I do give a damn.

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  1. What about Ashley’s white top – it’s a perfect work blouse!

  2. I saw this episode! In this same epi, Madeleine Stowe was looked like a tassel necklace or maybe a Y necklace. It looked like a gunmetal finish. Really pretty. It was in the scenes in which she’s wearing a purple dress.

  3. Sorry I mean to edit that first sentence. she is *wearing what looked like a …* :)

  4. Kristen, the top is : Joie Darel top – porcelain

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