Parenthood Fashion: Amber’s funeral dress

Parenthood style

Jasmine’s Strapless Blue Maxi Dress

Parenthood Style

It’s Thanksgiving Day and I just wanted to take a quick second to give thanks to all of you. When I started Possessionista 4 years ago, I had no intentions of it becoming what it is. It was simply a way for a bored, new mom, to find some sanity. I am grateful to each of you for turning this silly little blog into something so much more.

I am thankful to the amazingly talented costume designers who help me week after week to identify the beautiful and interesting clothes that I get to write about. For indulging the fantasy. For being artists. And for their generosity of time and kindness.

It is truly a privilege.

And above all, I am thankful to my beautiful family that tolerates me constantly in front of the computer writing about TV, clothing and celebrities. I am thankful that they believe I am more than yoga pants, minivans and Cheetoes.

I am more Thankful than you can ever know.

Yeah, I know, this had nothing to do with Parenthood fashion and style. Sue me. I was feeling sentimental. See you tomorrow for my usual bitchy commentary.


Amber’s black funeral dress

Vintage and altered. Sorry.


  1. We’re thankful for you too!!! Honestly, most of my clothes and accessories were bought because of this blog so I’d be lost without you ;) Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Hi! Love your blog! Any chance you have any info about the striped/color block drop shoulder sweater that Julia was wearing in the scene where her daughter threatens to runaway? It was so cute – I would really love to find it!

  3. i know ambers funeral dress is vintage and altered but who is the designer?? gorgeous

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