Parenthood fashion: Amber’s flower sweater

Parenthood fashion and style
Does anyone else think Amber has totally stepped up her Parenthood fashion this season? Mae Whitman wears this red and white striped Knitava sweater on the November 27, 2012 episode of Parenthood: You Can’t Always Get What you Want

Sarah Braverman is that girl who acts like she’s got it all figured out. She seems cool and collected, doling out good advice and silently judging you for your life’s decisions.

But give her two wine coolers and a 90’s hair band medley and she’s crying in the bathroom over her boyfriend faster than you can say “every rose has its thorn.”

Sister, just because you’re dating a high school teacher doesn’t give you permission to act like you’re still in high school.

Keep it up and you’ll be going to the prom alone, Sarah.

Check out what else Sarah Braverman, Christina, Amber and Julia wore on Parenthood.

After watching Sarah sabotage her relationship with Hot for Teacher for the past how many seasons, I think it’s finally time for

Parenthood Julia Plaid shirtParenthood flannel plaid shirt

Julia Braverman (Erica Christianson) plaid, flannel shirt

Parenthood fashion

Amber Parenthood fashionAmber sweater Parenthood

Mae Whitman as Amber’s flower sleeve cutout top

Parenthood fashion

Christina Parenthood fashionParenthood lace top

Kristina Braverman’s lace tunic

Parenthood fashion

Julia's plaid shirt on ParenthoodParenthood fashion and style

Julia Braverman’s red buffalo check blouse

Parenthood fashion

Sweater worn on ParenthoodParenthood sweater

Julia Braverman’s red sweater

Parenthood fashion

Lauren Graham fashion and style on ParenthoodParenthood Blue Blazer

Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham’s) blue blazer

Parenthood fashion


One thought on “Parenthood fashion: Amber’s flower sweater

  1. nina

    Sarah also wore an awesome black jacket towards the end of this episode. Did you happen to catch what jacket it was and where it’s from?

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