Nashville Fashion: Rayna James red halter dress

Nashville Fashion
Connie Britton plays Rayna James on ABC’s Nashville. On the October 24, 2012 episode of Nashville, Rayna wears a belted red halter dress. See below for details.


In the great words of Mohadas Gandhi, “To understand the future, we have to go back in time.”

Wait, my bad. It was Pitbull.

Same hairdo.

One of the best things about Nashville (besides the Nashville fashion) is the backstories of our favorite characters. The former love affair between Rayna and Deacon, or Juliette Barnes’ damaged childhood, it’s what’s interesting about these characters and makes them the multi-faceted trainwrecks performing at the Grand Ole Opry.

And speaking of going back in time, I found that gorgeous red halter dress that Connie Britton as Rayna James wore on Nashville to her daughters’ talent show a few weeks ago. The dress is now on sale for 40%.

I bet there’s a sordid backstory for it to tell.

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Rayna’s red halter dress

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  1. Danielle

    Is that the same dress Robin wore in the flashforward scene in HIMYM?

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