Nashville Fashion: Juliette Barnes’ floral dress


Nashville fashionHayden Panettiere Nashville style

Nashville Fashion:

Hayden Panettiere’s floral, ruffle date dress from Nashville, “You’re Gonna Change (or I’m Gonna Leave)” November 14, 2012

Nashville Style

I’ll admit it.

I was hoping to have some new TV Fashion to recap for you this morning. Usually we start of our weeks with a little Revenge Fashion or 666 Park Avenue  style, but because the AMA’s were on last night, you can either have a little Nicki Minaj fashion (pass) or I had to look to the past for this morning’s item.

Luckily, the costume designer at Nashville tipped me off about the cute floral dress Hayden Panettiere wore this week as Juliette Barnes on Nashville, when she hopped a plane with good boy (looks bad in papparazzi pictures) Sean Butler.

Much like today’s item, you’ll have to look to the past if you like Juliette’s several season’s old Nashville style dress.

Or if you prefer to live in the present, then at the very least you’ll have to look to eBay.

For those of you who are not young, hot and have a time machine.

Check out what else Juliette Barnes, Rayna James, Scarlett and Hayley are wearing each week on ABC’s Nashville.



3 thoughts on “Nashville Fashion: Juliette Barnes’ floral dress

  1. Marta

    No more 666 Park Ave – it’s been cancelled! Sadness.

    1. Dana Weiss

      THey’ll be airing the final 6 episodes…

  2. Megan

    Cancelled?!?!??? I loved it 🙁

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