Modern Family Fashion: Claire’s red blouse Misery Date

Modern Family StyleMonder Family Style

Modern Family Fashion

Claire Dunphy’s red 3/4 sleeve blouse

This week’s Modern Family was all kinds of funny.

But it was that sweet moment when Jay confided in his son that he was having some anxiety of giving up his man cave to create the nursery that lingered like an awkward kiss with a stranger who you just invited over to watch a college football game.

I remember giving up my office when I had my son. My life was about to change drastically. Not only was I giving up my desk, but I was giving up my career. My 9 -5 (okay more like 7-7) was about to become 24-7. I traded in suits for sweats. Luncheons for lunch boxes. And a commute into the city, for carpool in the suburbs.

And, sure I didn’t get a fresco mural painted on the wall.

But I got a blog.

I just had to write it from the couch, instead.

Check out what else they’re wearing on Modern Family.


One thought on “Modern Family Fashion: Claire’s red blouse Misery Date

  1. katie

    Do you know where gloria’s top was from? It was cute and had awesome links in the sleeves.

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