Khloe Kardashian fashion: X Factor Gold Dress

Khloe KArdashian X FActor Fashion

Kardashian Fashion: Khloe Kardashian’s gold mirror X Factor dress

Hart of Dixie fashion

You guys, I can’t.

I can’t even wait until the X Factor airs to start making jokes about Khloe Kardashian’s gold dress from the X Factor.

It’s shorter than Kourtney Kardashian!

So many mirrors and she didn’t even check to see how it looked.

And my personal favorite:

If she bends over, we’re all going to see her KardASHian.

What do you think? Love it or hate it? Khloe Kardashian’s gold, mirrored, sequin dress on tonight’s X Factor fashion? Weigh in below.

Check back later tonight for more X Factor fashion posts.

7 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian fashion: X Factor Gold Dress

  1. Giwana

    I thought she was a little too big for the dress myself. I am surprised she has not shed about 20pounds at least for the show, I mean go on lemonade diet, do fruits and vegetables for 3 weeks prior to the show would have helped her to shed 15pounds. She was just to curving and you can tell she wears spanks to suck it all in.

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe she is happy at her weight?

  2. Liz @ Southern Charm

    I’m not a fan of that dress and I don’t think it will look good on her … it’s too short. That being said, I guess I should be nice and see how it looks first.

  3. Katie

    Even that model looks pissed off at having to wear that dress. No, it was not the most flattering thing Khloe Kardashian has ever worn. It was a bit short, which only made her look rounder than she is.
    I don’t think she IS fat, just that the dress made her look big.

    1. Dana Weiss

      I don’t think she’s fat. I just thought the dress was too short. For her. for the model. It was just too short. I didn’t think her body looked bad.

      1. Megan

        I second that. It’s just a bad dress, nothing to do with Khloe. It was soo short, I was worried the entire episode that there was going to be some sort of very inappropriate wardrobe malfunction!!

  4. Nicole

    I am sorry but I do not understand anyone’s styling on this show, including Britney. With all the money they must have for production and sponsorship, the makeup and the clothes are gawdawful!!! That dress on Kourtney last night was terrible….someone should’ve picked something else, she looked HUGE.

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