How I Met Your Mother fashion: Lily and Robin’s HIMYM style

HIMYM Lily FashionHow I Met Your Mother style

Lily’s heather cream sweater with buttons on the side

How I Met your mother fashion

They say that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

This is as true of the election in Florida as it is for Victoria and her ultimatum that Ted stop being friends with Robin on this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Anyone with a 7th grade education and fairly good recall remembers the Friends episode when Emily demanded that Ross end his friendship with Rachel.

We all know how that ended.

With a baby out of wedlock and the “we were on a break” joke that never gets old.

The point is Victoria should have known that Ted would never choose her over Robin (and not just because Robin’s How I Met Your Mother fashion is so much better than Victoria’s ever was.)

In the end, like Ross, Ted chose Robin.

They are still on a break.

Want to see what else Lily and Robin wore on How I Met Your Mother this season?

How I Met Your Mother fashionHow I Met Your Mother fashion

Robin’s leather jacket shearling trim

How I Met your mother fashion

How I Met Your Mother StyleHow I Met Your Mother fashion

Robin’s square neck navy heather fitted dress

How I Met your mother fashion

How I Met Your Mother style secret: This dress is  costume designer Reiko Kurumada’s favorite piece from the episode. “It fit her like  a glove” Kurumada spilled to Possessionista


  1. where can i find robin’s black and white purse in that episode? thanks

  2. What about the black lace top Victoria was wearing? Trying to find it everywhere!!

  3. ditto on the black lace top victoria wore, she may have been the worst (seriously, the episode where they meet at the wedding makes me so stabby) but that top was adorable.

  4. Does anyone know where to get that necklace that Robin is wearing?

    • I have been looking high and low for that gold bar necklace. Someone please tell us where to get it! Someone said it’s a custom order from Switch boutique but their stuff doesn’t look quite like that. Switch, please make more if this was you!!! We all love it and must have it!

  5. They have similar gold bar necklaces like that at

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