Happy Endings Fashion: Boys 2 Menorah style

Happy Endings style
Happy Endings fashion: Penny (played by Casey Wilson) wears this striped, v neck dress by Phillip Lim on Happy Endings: Boys 2 Menorah November 13, 2012

Except for the Hipster episode, I think this week might have been my favorite Happy Endings episode of all time.

I’ll tell you what. You give me some little hot dogs in a puff pastry and The Electric Slide and I’m one happy Possessionista.

I live for Bar Mitzvahs. The centerpieces. The Horah.

The sweet table.

But nothing makes me happier than the ramshackle dance crew brought in to teach Grandma how to Gangnam style and get Uncle Ralph to Party like it’s 1999.

Look, I may have “become a woman” in the eyes of God 23 years ago. But when it comes to the limbo, I still think I’m a 13 year old girl. And I’ve got the glow necklace and crazy hat to prove it.

You know, those mini egg rolls aren’t going to eat themselves.

Check out what else Alex, Penny and Jane wore on Happy Endings.

Happy Endings fashion

Jane’s ring necklace from Happy Endings: Zoe Chicco

Alex’s happy Endings white long necklace: Vintage


Happy Endings fashionHappy Endings Style

Happy Endings StylePenny's Happy Endings bow necklace

Jane’s red sleeveless dress: Zara

Penny’s strapless floral dress Happy Endings Fashion

Penny’s bow necklace Happy Endings Fashion


Happy endings styleHappy Endings style

Penny’s lace panel button front dress

Happy Endings Fashion

2 thoughts on “Happy Endings Fashion: Boys 2 Menorah style

  1. Cerise

    Hrm. None of these looks really stand out.

  2. solace

    the bow necklace by marc jacobs, is actually a longer chain, aprox, 25.5 inches, but on penny it was shortened to maybe 16-18 inches, i love it!

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