Gossip Girl fashion: Serena’s rhinestone bird necklace

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Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Possessionista here, your one and only source into the scandalous pricetags of Gossip Girl fashion.

It would appear that everyone on the Upper East side is kind of a fake.

Whether it’s golden boy Nate Archibald and his house of cards for a newspaper, or Serena Van Der Woodsen’s newest beau and his not-so-immaculate love life, everyone in New York has a secret to hide.

The rhinestone phoenix/eagle necklace Serena wore with her Dior fuchsia and purple pom pom dress caught the eye of more than a few of you and with good reason. While even Gossip Girl herself can’t confirm whether the sparkly stunner is Lanvin’s coveted swarovski eagle or the Shourouk phoenix from Sarah Jessica Parker’s role on Glee, one thing is for certain.

The pricetag on this necklace would send anyone running back to Brooklyn.

You know what they say: if you can’t beat em, join ’em. So I tracked down an affordable alternative to Serena’s rhinestone bird necklace just so that you can make rent this month.

Especially since Blair’s spare room is no longer available.

You know you love me.




Updated: it’s Shourouk – in case you have disposable income laying around and not in the market for a $1million horse.

Gossip Girl Style

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8 thoughts on “Gossip Girl fashion: Serena’s rhinestone bird necklace

  1. Guest

    YAY!! did u go back to regular format? no more “click to read more”!?!?!

    If so, I am one happy girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Dana Weiss

      I did! See I listen 🙂

      1. Guest

        thank you so much! made my day!!

  2. Z

    I can’t click on the similar look link…is there a link. I could never afford the Shourouk version but the similar version pictured is very cool and I am interested in it, but there is no designer/store listed and no link.

  3. Diane

    Any idea where Sage’s shorter lavender stone necklace comes from? She’s worn it a few times and I’m obsessed!!

  4. Cla

    I can’t find anywhere the orange pumps blair wore in the last episode, monstrous ball…can you help me?

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