Glee Fashion: Marley’s striped, plaid shirts from The Role You Were Born To Play

glee fashion

Glee style: Marley’s pink and blue checked plaid shirt

Glee fashion

Also seen on 90210 on Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) here

Oh my gosh, you guys. There’s a show on TV about a high school glee club. They’re the underdogs and they put on these amazing musical numbers to raise awareness for bullying, and acceptance and…

Wait, what?

You think I’m talking about Glee?

Oh no, this show has all these different characters, like a cheerleader who is mean to everyone. And a guy who thinks he’s too cool for the Glee club even though he sings and dances like the offspring of Fred Astaire and Bruno Mars. Wait. And there’s a poor girl who wears newsboy hats. And a kid named Artie in a wheelchair.

Wait, now that you mention it, that sad guy who dropped out of the army and is now heading the Glee club did remind me of Finn a little. But where was Rachel? Or Kurt? Or, you know, and of the charm and spunk of the Glee we all fell in love with 4 years ago?

Sorry, but bringing back Mercedes and Mike Chang to judge the Grease auditions would be like going to your senior prom after you graduated from high school.

Desperate. Sad. And just something you hope to never have captured on television.

What did you think of last night’s Glee?  Are you still a Gleek or do you think it’s time for Glee to graduate? Weigh in below. Are you still interested in Glee fashion?

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Glee Style

Glee fashion: Marley’s striped pink and red top

Glee fashion

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One thought on “Glee Fashion: Marley’s striped, plaid shirts from The Role You Were Born To Play

  1. lori

    I still watch Glee and I was loving Rachel’s sweater at the end of this week’s show. Any idea where it is from?

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