Emily Maynard’s love ring for less

Emily Maynard style
Similar to Emily Maynard’s love ring, this version from Max and Chloe retails for $65. Use code Cyber12 for 25% off

I’m sure you’re all but overwhelmed with all the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday codes. But one I didn’t want you to miss was Max & Chloe who is offering 25% off storewide with the code Cyber12.

Since Emily Maynard first wore her diamond love ring on the Bachelorette, I’ve been asked countless times to find a similar ring for a more practical price. So when I stumbled upon this version as Max & Chloe, I thought some of you might be able to tolerate just one more Black Friday/Cyber Monday code.

The fashion jewelry retailer carries this love ring for $65 that’s super similar to Emily Maynard style love ring (that retails for $860)

Use the code Cyber12 and take an additional 25% off this ring, and everything else store wide.


3 thoughts on “Emily Maynard’s love ring for less

  1. Katherine

    This is another good one!!


  2. Megan

    Woohoo! Thank you 🙂 No matter how hard we try or how much we pretend we’re over EM fashion, lets face it, we’re just not.

  3. Sofia

    Cute ring!

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