Emily Maynard fashion: Lace sleeve top

Emily Maynard styleEmily Maynard fashion

Emily Maynard fashion

Emily Maynard’s lace sleeve concert tee

Emily Maynard fashion

photo c/o Emily Maynard on Twitter

Hey Dana- I am not sure you will ever be free of identifying Emily Maynard fashion. Jeff and Emily may have come to an end, but just like an addict, I need my fix! LOL.  Can you identify this top???  You’re the best!!  J.

You know everybody takes a day off.

I mean, on the seventh day even God rested.

I’m not saying tracking celebrity style is the same thing as creating the heavens and the Earth (let’s be honest, Jersey Shore fashion alone is the counter argument) I’m just saying that the fact that I found Emily Maynard’s concert tee with lace sleeves so easily must had to be the work of some kind of divine intervention.

And also, I’ve definitely earned a nap this afternoon.

Can I get an Amen?

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5 thoughts on “Emily Maynard fashion: Lace sleeve top

  1. Megan

    I’m such a sucker for Free People. I absolutely love all their clothes. Thanks for this ID!

  2. Dressaffordable

    I found few of website but this website very unique and so many interesting information in here. I have come to know lots from this blog. Looking forward for more.

  3. ck

    i dont really see whats so special about this shirt? the back comes down way too long … and for the price it really just looks like a 30 dollar shirt max.

  4. Jessica

    I think the shirt is lovely, it reminds me of the black lacy top Emily wore from Planet Blue/Blue Life back when she was promoting Bachelorette : )

    1. Megan

      I agree it does look like that planet blue shirt…and I’m STILL sulking about the fact that the planet blue shirt sold out before I was able to get one!!!

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