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Courtney Kerr style


You may have heard of this little show called Most Eligible Dallas last year on Bravo?

The show made an instant style star of Courtney Kerr, a Dallas-based personality with killer personal style and a mouth that gets her into almost as much trouble as my own.

As you can imagine, we were fast friends.

Since the show, Courtney has launched an unbelieveable style blog and even scored her own spinoff called Courtney Love Dallas airing on Bravo in 2013.

I’m so excited to finally spill the beans! Courtney and I teamed up to create the next OpenSky collection inspired by Courtney Kerr’s personal style. The pieces you’ll see in the collection (and in my personal Possessionista Open Sky shop) were hand picked by Courtney and me. They’re things Courtney already has in her wardrobe, and pieces you’ll be seeing on the show. And everything will be available exclusively in the Possessionista OpenSky shop.

Sign up today for OpenSky and you’ll be among the first to see what Courtney and I picked and get a sneak peek at Courtney Kerr’s fashion from Bravo’s new show Courtney Loves Dallas.

It’ll be the Most Eligible Opensky sale ever.

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2 thoughts on “Courtney Kerr + Possessionista on OpenSky

  1. Fatmate

    I love “Most Eligible Dallas” on Bravo. Courtney Kerr truly was the center of the show. You either hated her or Loved her. Look forward to her fashion. I know it will be affordable.

  2. Olivia Ann

    My two favorite girls!! So stoked for this. Congrats!


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