Arrow Fashion: Damaged style

Arrow Fashion
Arrow Fashion: Willa Holland as Thea Queen on the CW’s Arrow wears a Le Chateau straw and scarf fedora on Arrow: Damaged, November 7, 2012

It’s pretty clever of Oliver Queen to have his henchman put on an American Apparel hoodie and go stir up some trouble downtown while Oliver was playing host to a Hugh Hefner inspired crowd of future convicts.

After all, nothing says, “learning about consequences” like throwing a prison-themed house party, complete with cage-dancing strippers in orange jumpsuits.

Still, what I want to know is, if Oliver Queen is so damn rich, why didn’t he just get a hologram of the vigilante, and project him in various locations all around Star City?

Or at the very least, a hologram of  Tupac to perform at his soiree?

Because that would be one sweet party.

Want to see what Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance and Willa Holland as Theia Queen have worn on Arrow? Check out this entire season of Arrow fashion.

Arrow Fashion Willa HollandArrow Fashion

Thea Queen’s Arrow Style

Mesh and print dress from court

Katie Cassidy striped sweater from Arrow

Laurel Lance Arrow Style BlouseArrow Fashion

Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) print, sheer red blouse

Katie Cassidy striped sweater from Arrow

Arrow Fashion Willa HollandWilla Holland Arrow Style

Willa Holland as Thea Queen tiny print blouse

Katie Cassidy striped sweater from Arrow

Katie Cassidy Arrow StyleArrow Fashion

Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance cream button down blouse

Katie Cassidy striped sweater from Arrow

Arrow StyleArrow Fashion

Laurel Lance’s Arrow style striped long sleeve tee

Katie Cassidy striped sweater from Arrow

Arrow FashionArrow Fashion

Laurel Lance blouse with contrast collar

Katie Cassidy striped sweater from Arrow


4 thoughts on “Arrow Fashion: Damaged style

  1. Ava

    I know that this show is based off a comic book, but some of the things that happen are just so unbelievable. I’ll admit it’s fun to watch, but I’m definitely loving the clothes a lot more! I’ve been saving all the episodes of Arrow so far on the Hopper DVR that I got from DISH since the hard drive has more memory than I know what to do with. My husband has been teasing me because I’ve been getting ideas from the cast’s wardrobe and making my own designs. One of the girls I work with at DISH couldn’t believe that I sit in front of the TV with the remote in hand just so that I can pause this show to sketch out my ideas instead of watching the show!

  2. Brynne Schweigel

    Forever 21 has a shirt that is a great look for less for Laura’s long sleeved tee!

  3. Dressaffordable

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  4. Synthia

    Where is Lauren’s chain / necklace that she wears with the scoop neck sweater from?

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