90210 Style: Naomi, Silver, Annie 90210 fashion 99 problems

90210 silver style
Definitely not pregnant. Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) wears a Bobby Wigham silkscreen tank from Blood is the New Black print tank on 90210 October 26, 2012

You want to talk about 99 Problems? When it comes to 90210 storylines, there are more than 99 problems in each episode. From forgetting that Annie once murdered someone to the idea that Erin Silver may actually be the world’s most unlucky person, 90210’s  got way more than 99 problems.

Want to solve 90210’s issues? Besides putting Annie and Liam behind bars – they can rekindle their love and make a prison baby that Silver can adopt (bam, that takes care of those storylines) Adrianna can steal more of Silver’s bi-polar meds and give them to her 90210 style NeYo performance dress that seemed to have more personalities than Sybil.

Max can discover a breakthrough in science and cure both Cancer and Crippledism (that’s what Dixon has, right?) through video games, and Naomi can throw a big party to celebrate it, using a grant from Annie’s millions and Emblem 3 can perform.

There you go, writers of 90210. All 99 problems are solved.

Now excuse me while I go find world peace with complex carbohydrates and coupon codes.

See what else Annie, silver, Adrianna and Naomi have worn on 90210

90210 style90210 fashion

Annie’s chiffon asymetric black halter dress

 90210 fashion

90210 Adrianna Fashion90210 style

Adrianna Tate Duncan’s layered yellow flower print top

90210 fashion

90210 Silver fashion

Erin Silver’s sleeveless mesh tunic

90210 fashion

90210 turquoise handbagNaomi 90210 turquoise handbag

Naomi Clark’s mint turquoise handbag

90210 fashion

90210 silver shirtdress90210 Silver Shirt Dress

Erin Silver’s red sleeveless shirt dress

90210 fashion



5 thoughts on “90210 Style: Naomi, Silver, Annie 90210 fashion 99 problems

  1. Jill

    Love your blog! Do you know who made Annie’s necklace when they were at the Hollywood Bowl. I need it!!!

  2. Cara

    I want that necklace too!!

  3. Megan

    Love that yellow flower print top!!! So gorgeous. And I’m drooling over that mint handbag, some great pieces from that episode, thanks 🙂

    1. Megan

      Speaking of the mint handbag, the Saks website takes me directly to the main site instead of the handbag info, do you know the designer so I can find it more easily on the site? Thank you!

  4. Dressaffordable

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