90210 style: Into the Wild fashion

90210 fashion
Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna and Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver on 90210 on November 5, 2012. See below to find what they wore on 90210

If you’d have told me that I’d find some of the best TV fashion on a 90210 episode centered around – wait for it – glamping, I would have thought you were crazier than Erin Silver without her mood stabilizers.

But tonight’s 90210 fashion was kind of awesome, right? I mean, Annie’s striped skirt? Silver’s waxed jeans and red ankle boots.

And, of course, no Vanessa.

There were so many highlights on 90210 tonight – and I’m not just talking about Liam’s hair. Andriana Tate-Duncan’s poor man’s Britney Spears impression. Naomi’s trust fall. And the fact that Annie finally acknowledged that she was a prostitute.

sidebar: so did everyone drop out of CU? /sidebar

But the highlight of the episode wasn’t the 90210 style (though admittedly it didn’t hurt) but in seeing that evil mean girl glimmer in Naomi Clarke’s eye in the final moments of the episode.

If I were Alex, I’d stay away from sharp objects and beachfront balconies.

Check out what else Annie, Naomi, Silver and Adrianna have worn on 90210 this season

90210 annie fashion90210 style

Annie Wilson’s white and black striped skirt on 90210

90210 fashion

90210 style secret: This is a dress by Opening Ceremony that was altered into a skirt by costume designer Kime Buzzelli and the 90210 wardrobe team

90210 silver fashion90210 style

Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) lace tank dress dress

90210 fashion


90210 style90210 fashion

Naomi Clark’s olive Romper

90210 fashion

90210 fashion90210 style

Silver’s 90210 style cream sweater

90210 fashion

90210 fashion90210 style

Adriana’s striped sleeveless dress

90210 fashion

90210 naomi style

Annalynn McCord as Naomi Clark 90210 Style black and gold print shirt

90210 fashion

first ID’d here

90210 fashion90210 style

Silver’s blue and black check blouse on 90210

90210 fashion

90210 fashion90210 fashion

90210 Silver style black waxed jeans leather pants

90210 fashion

90210 style90210 silver boots

Erin Silver’s 90210 red ankle boots

90210 fashion

90210 fashion90210 style

Annie Wilson’s 90210 watercolor splatter paint dress on the date

90210 fashion

90210 naomi cheetah tank

Naomi Clark cut out leopard tank

Cotton Candy

90210 fashion90210 Naomi jacket

Naomi’s salmon jacket on 90210

90210 fashion

90210 Silver's leather jacketleather jacket on 90210

Silver 90210 style leather motorcycle jacket

90210 fashion

Adrianna striped sweater90210 fashion

Adriana’s glitter striped sweater

90210 fashion

seen on Zoe Hart on Hart of Dixie  here in a different colorway

seen on Charlie on Gossip Girl here

and on Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill here

3 thoughts on “90210 style: Into the Wild fashion

  1. Angel

    Where can we get the necklace Adriana wore with the striped sleeveless dress?

  2. Jasmin

    Where can I get the shoes Adrianna wore at the end during her dance?

  3. LM

    Do you know anything about professor beckwith’s blue structured dress from the first five minutes of the episode?

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