90210 Style: Hate 2 Love Fashion

90210 fashion90210 fashion

90210 Style

Annie Wilson  (Shenae Grimes) low back blue purple romper

90210 fashion

Everybody has a friend like Annie Wilson.

That girl who always dates the wrong guy. And whether he talks down to her, or cheats on her at frat parties, or, you know, is a hacker who is planning on bringing down her best friend’s huband’s business, you just know ultimately you can’t trust the guy she brings home.

You see, Annie Wilson is that girl who falls in love without looking at where she’s falling. Before his shoes are off, she’s got a drawer, doodled his last name on her notebooks and already named their three children (Trip, Troy and baby Ashley.)

It’s only once she’s up to her waist does she realize she’s not wading in the pool of love, but the pool of crap, and she looks around and realizes that Prince Charming is a drug dealer, hooker-buyer, priest or Ethan.

Seriously, give her a guitar and Annie Wilson could Taylor Swift.

Check out what else Annie Wilson, Naomi Clark, Erin Silver and Adrianna Tate-Duncan wore on 90210.

90210 fashion90210 fashion

Erin Silver  (Jessica Stroup) gray cap sleeve tee

90210 fashion

90210 Fashion

90210 Naomi Fashion90210 Style

Naomi Clark (Annalynne McCord) draped white blazer and red keyhole top

Draped white blazer  90210 fashion

Red halter keyhole cut out top:  90210 fashion

90210 Fashion

Annie Wilson’s square cropped tank and red maxi skirt

Annie’s square neck cropped tank and red maxi

Tank: Reformation

Skirt: Myne

90210 Style90210 style

Annie Wilson’s floral tee and green skirt

Annie’s print shirt and skirt

Annie’s floral tee: H&M

Green Skirt: 81 Poppies Carodyne skirt

90210 style90210 fashion

Naomi Clark’s lace and leather peplum dress

90210 fashion

90210 Fashion90210 fashion

Annie Wilson’s fair isle sweater

90210 fashion

90210 style90210 fashion

90210 Naomi Clark style colorblock sandals

90210 fashion


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  1. Ginette

    “Seriously, give her a guitar and Annie Wilson could Taylor Swift.”

    The next pop-culture euphemism. “Did you guys break-up, omg you should, like, totally Taylor Swift him”.

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