666 Park Avenue style: Jane’s colorblock sweater

Jane's colorblock sweater 666 Park Avenue666 Park Avenue style

666 Park Avenue style

Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) colorblock sweater

666 Park Avenue style


You may have heard the sad news. 666 Park Avenue has been cancelled. ABC will air the remaining episodes, but I suspect we’ll never know what really happened to Jane and Henry.

This is like Jack and Jill all over again.

I’ll miss the creepy fun, seeing John Locke as (maybe) the devil and Jane Van Veen’s enviable sweater collection.

Though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. With a name like 666, it was bound to be cursed.

See what else Rachael Taylor has worn on 666 Park Avenue.

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  1. Rachel wi


  2. Rachel Withers

    I love you even more for referencing Jack and Jill! The mystery lives on. Did Simon Rex and Jamie Pressley ends up together??

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