666 Park Avenue Fashion: Jane’s Diabolic style

666 Park Avenue is full of secrets. Who are the men in the basement? What’s inside Gavin’s spooky box? Why are the elevators at the Drake so damn angry all the time. And where the heck was Robert Buckley last night?

But clearly there’s one mystery that has eluded even the creators of 666 Park Avenue: where did Jane Van Veen get  her darling polka dot gold and navy blouse?

Like Jane Van Veen, I like answers, so I did a little Internet research of my own. And while Jane was busy discovering that the creepy little blonde girl roaming the halls of the Drake is her grandmother – and not Honey Boo Boo – I made an extraordinary discovery about  666 Park Avenue fashion as well.

And, no, it turns out her polka dot blouse and print sweater from the November 4th episode of 666 Park Avenue aren’t in any way related to Honey Boo Boo.

Though that would be pretty scary.

See what else Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen has worn on 666 Park Avenue.

Jane's sweater from 666 Park Ave666 Park Avenue Fashion

Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) polka dot sheer blouse on 666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue style

666 Park Avenue StyleJane Van Veen 666 Park Avenue fashion

Jane Van Veen’s 666 Park Avenue black and white sweater

666 Park Avenue style


2 thoughts on “666 Park Avenue Fashion: Jane’s Diabolic style

  1. Megan

    I’m in love with the polka dot sheer blouse, thanks for the ID!! If you come across any more affordable look-alikes, would you please post them? Thanks Dana!!

  2. Amy

    I want Jan Van Veen’s necklace from 666 Park Avenue do you have an idea as to where a girl can get one????

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