X Factor Fashion: X Factor finalist makeovers

All photos credits: Jeff Lipsky / FOX

X Factor FashionX Factor Style

Beatrice’s sweatshirt Modern Lux

I’ve always thought it a little cruel (and, okay, a little funny) that reality TV shows pluck someone from obscurity, put them on primetime alongside glamorous actresses and pop stars without so much as a pair of tweezers and directions to the local Nordstrom.

So Bravo to X-Factor on Fox who knows that it’s not easy being in the public eye. This week the 16 X Factor hopefuls will face the X Factor Glam Squad before facing the firing squad. Which means that the X Factor now includes my two favorite things in life:

Makeovers and judging other people.

Though admittedly, not in that order.

Check out a sneak peek of the X Factor finalists makeovers and then tune in to see the results of the makeovers this Wednesday on Fox.


X Factor fashion

Lyric’s print bra top: Vintage

X Factor Fashion

Left: Aurelio Costarella

Middle: Aurelio Costarella

Right: Sherri Bodell

Diamond’s print leggings: Nasty Gal

Diamond’s studded sneakers NYLA

Cece Frey

Cece Frey’s white beaded mini dress Courtesy of the Stars

Carly RoseX Factor Style

Carly Rose’s red chiffon dress: Lush

X Factor Fashion

LYLAS X Factor fashion (Left to Right:)

Camilla’s print pants NastyGal

Dinah dress: TopShop

Normani’s print pants: Frankie B

Ally’s Dress: Motel Rocks

Lauren’s shoes: Penelope & Coco (I wrote about this shoe here)

X Factor style

Paige’s herringbone jacket, Alexander McQueen (I know!)

X Factor Fashion

Jenelle Garcia in a vintage vest, tank by LA Land and necklace by Project Accessory alum Nicolina Royale

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