Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope style

I was really excited for the return of Scandal, and finally putting to rest the mystery of Quinn Perkins.

But as the season premiere came to a close, I left with more questions than answers. Now, not only am I no clearer on who Quinn Perkins really is (or how she came to be Quinn Perkins in the first place,) but now I’m also not entirely clear on who Olivia Pope is either.

Is she good? Is she evil? Is she the Devil in cashmere?

And most of all, where can I get that fabulous blush wrap jacket (with the buttons down the back. Right? I wanted it to.)

Because I would most certainly sell my soul to the devil for that piece of outerwear.

What was your favorite part of Olivia Pope’s Scandal fashion this week? I loved the mohair looking, cashmere cardigan when she was talking to the president. Let me know your favorite Scandal outfit and check back for more of Olivia Pope’s clothes from Scandal.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope wears a blush, wrap coat by Ferragamo

Buy it: Michael Kors (look for less)

Olivia Pope Scandal Fashion Snakeprint Blouse

Buy it: Brochu Walker

Olivia Pope’s long cardigan talking to the president

Buy it: Jil Sander

24 thoughts on “Scandal Fashion: Olivia Pope style

  1. Tonya

    Finally a site that tells me where I can find Olivia Pope’s wardrobe! Loving it! #Scandal #Kerry Washington #TonyGoldwyn #Gladiatorsinasuit

    What about her handbags from last season? Do you have that too?

    1. ms. marie

      where can I found her handbag

  2. Leslie G.

    Love Kerry’s clothes on Scandal!!! Thank you for your website!

  3. Stella Howard

    Hello, why can I purchase the wrap cashmere coat Kerry Washington on Scandal? I love her wardrobe.

    1. Dana Weiss

      Ferragamo. Not online.

  4. Judiann

    Season 2, Episode 1 (I think) Quinn leaves the hotel after waking up and is wearing a great coat/dress. Where can I purchase this (or a look-a-like) coat?

  5. Sally Pent

    Jow about the shift/” dress/suit on the Nov. 6 episode????

  6. Marcy

    I would love to buy the wrap, caramel colored sweater Olivia is wearing while walking in the woods, episode air date was 12/6.

  7. Anonymous

    where can i find the white and black dress she wore in the episode where the president is in the hospital?

  8. Janie

    Most amazing wardrobe ever! As of this month (Dec) the outfit that caught my eye on Dec 6th show (and I have not seen anywhere) is the silver dress she wore to the ball..OMG Gorgeous!

    1. Dana Weiss

      Hey Janie, that dress is by Jean Fares. I wrote about it here:

  9. Kathryn Anderson

    Where is the blouse that she is wearing in episode 1 season 2 from? The blouse is stripped up top and turns into a tie dye ish print at the bottom and sleeves?

  10. Robin

    On this weeks episode she wore a short white jacket. Have looked everwhere. Cant find anything that resembles jacket.

    1. Amy

      I’m dying for that coat too! The super modern one?

  11. W

    Okay love this site. I love the clothes that Kerry wears. I want that gown she wore the night Fitz (aka the President) got shot. That dress was awesome.

  12. C~

    Where can I get the black and white dress she wore in last weeks episode?? I don’t see it on this site or a look-a-like.

    1. Dana Weiss

      It’s Escada.

  13. LISA


  14. Hilary

    Okay, I have a super old ID from the beginning of Season 1, but I’m a new fan of the show and obsessed with finding this jacket (or similar) – Possessionista to the rescue, I hope?!

    It’s the pale grey collarless jacket Olivia wears in both episodes 1 and 4. First, when she accosts David with coffee on the street, and again when she visits Cyrus Beene at home on Sunday. It’s boxy, sleek, and definitely a jacket, not a blazer.

    Thank you!!

    1. H

      I’m dying to find this as well.

  15. C.R.

    More, more!!! I need to know where to find those statement blazers she wears!! 🙂

  16. arnita

    what about the white coat she wore to meeting in bunker with fritz and mellie it was to die for

  17. Josie Gaddis

    Where oh where can I find the beautiful dove grey coat Olivia Pope wears. It’s gorgeous!!

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