Revenge Fashion: Emily Thorne Embroidered dress & Blue top

Revenge fashion: Emily Thorne's blue shirt
Emily Van Camp stars as Emily Thorne in a silk, cobalt blue tee shirt from Yves Saint Laurent on the October 28, 2012 episode of Revenge: Forgiveness

My therapist will tell you that family dynamics are like a dance – and everyone has their step.

Apparently when it comes to Revenge Fashion, Emily Thorne’s step is stocking up on juniors dresses that can be found at any small town mall.

The usually couture clad beauty traded in her silk blue YSL tee for a cheapie embroidered shirtdress from American Eagle Outfitters for a planned confrontation with her long lost mother on this week’s episode of Revenge.

Look, I totally believe in regression when a grown adult child is in the presence of his or her parent. (Believe me. I get it.)

I’m just wondering if we should start stocking up on Charlotte Russe shirtdresses and Wet Seal sweatshirts for the remainder of Revenge.

Looking for Ashley’s colorblock pleated dress? Check out what Ashley wore on Revenge Forgiveness

Looking for even more Revenge style? Want to know what Victoria Grayson and Laurel Clark wore on Revenge? Check out my friends at People Magazine for even more Revenge fashion (they mention me! yay!)

 Emily's Embroidered dress from revengeRevenge Style

Emily Thorne’s embroidered white button front shirt dress

Revenge Style


10 thoughts on “Revenge Fashion: Emily Thorne Embroidered dress & Blue top

  1. Kirstin

    Where is the tassel necklace from?

    1. Stephanie

      Im guessing Stella and Dot… They have a really pretty one that looks like the one Emily has on.

    2. Nicole

      it looks VERY similar to the Gitane tassel by Stella & Dot

  2. Cerise

    So cool to see American Eagle! YSL, except for the brand’s amazing lipsticks, is out of my price range.

  3. Becca

    The crazy variety of fashion from couture to cheap-off-the-rack goes well with the wild plot lines, twists and stirs. You never know what’s going to happen next or what someone will wear on the show. Thanks for id’ing so quickly, Dana!

  4. may

    If you need to complete that look, the necklace is the Stella & Dot rebel pendant.

    I own it and get compliments all of the time.

  5. Deanne

    Do you think we can find out exactly what it is? It looks a little more delicate than the Stella and Dot one.

  6. Megan

    Love love love that blue silk shirt and necklace. Is anyone able to post a link to either or both?

  7. Jackie

    I also absolutely fell in love with the gold tassel necklace that Emily wears in the Forgiveness Episode of Revenge and so I studied it up close. It is a gold tassel necklace with what looks like to be infinity links (how perfect for her character!) or they could possibly even be clovers spaced out along the long gold chain. I have the Stella and Dot Rebel Necklace and while it is a stunning piece in its own right it is not the necklace Emily is wearing. Likewise, the gold Stella and Dot Gitane Tassel necklace is very close looking to it in appearance however it has metallic beads of varying couloirs as the long necklace. I’m super curious to find it so if anyone figures out what necklace it is please share on this post and I will as well. 🙂 J

  8. Deanne

    Still no luck in finding out what it is? ?

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