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When we’re little girls we all have dreams.

To be a princess. A doctor. An astronaut.

This week one of my dreams came true. As silly as it sounds, I have always loved InStyle magazine. As my best friend can attest, we used to spend hours in high school poring over the pages of InStyle and it has always stood as sort of the attainable everygirl’s guide to great fashion. It’s not snobby or elitist, but it doesn’t dumb down the fashion. It embraces superficiality without judgement, but always pushes you to be just a little more.

I couldn’t believe it when InStyle invited me (me!) to write up a TV fashion column for InStyle.com and this week, the first one ran.

I hope you’ll check out this item about New Girl fashion – and a huge thanks to New Girl costume designer Deb McGuire (And Jane Steele) for the information about Zooey’s black one shoulder dress.


5 thoughts on “Possessionista in InStyle

  1. carin

    That is awesome. Congrats!

  2. Sara Pratt

    Dreams DO come true! You’re awesome Dana!! … I love your site, you never fail to crack me up, make me smile & make my day knowing some of my thoughts are thought by someone else!!… least I know i’m not thee only crazy one!! … crazy in a GOOD way.. OBVI 😉
    Talk about the eMILY Jef break up!!

  3. Lauren Pruner

    Dana CONGRATULATIONS! I have been an avid Possesionista reader for a long time and it seemed only a matter of time before they snatched you up! Love inStyle and can’t wait to read the blog and now the columns! – kicking butt one TV show and publication at a time!

    You’re someone to aspire too and good luck on your adventure!

    – Lauren/PRBlonde

  4. Megan

    Congratulations!! That is awesome. I’ve been a possessionista follower for awhile and I check your blog every morning. And the majority of the clothes I have, I bought because of you. So great to hear your dreams are coming true!

  5. Jill

    That’s so Amazing! you must be thrilled! I love your blog! It’s actually first started me on Fashion Blogging. You are and will continue to be an inspiration to me and many others! So happy for you!

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