How I Met Your Mother Fashion: The Prenup

This summer, my husband and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage, and watching How I Met Your Mother last night was thinking less about the How I Met Your Mother fashion andย  more about what wouldIput in my pre-nup if I could go back and give my 20-something self a piece of advice?

Instead of worrying so much about chocolate fountains and the dress, what if we’d spent more time talking about the deal breakers that would come later in our marriage? Would he write in a clause requiring me to shave my legs daily? Would I demand that he not ask me to go over the credit card bill while my favorite TV shows were on?

The point is, hindsight is 20/20. No pre-nup can prepare you for those behaviors that you settle into when you get comfortable in your marriage. When you stop wearing cute pajamas, and start using Monday Night Football as an aphrodisiac.

Would we end up like Barney and Quinn with a stack of papers? Or would we be more like Lily and Marshall, agreeing not to spike our offspring in the endzone?

What would you put in your pre-nup if you could do it all over?

Quinn’s print tank from How I Met Your Mother

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Robin’s Keyhole top from How I Met Your Mother: The Prenup

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Robin’s Red and black v neck button front sleeveless blouse

How I Met Your Mother Fashion: The Pre Nup

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Victoria’s striped and lace top

How I Met Your Mother Fashion

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15 thoughts on “How I Met Your Mother Fashion: The Prenup

  1. Day

    Any idea where the blazer in pic #2 came from???? Thanks!

      1. day


  2. chocolatemartinis


    Could you please help me find Robin’s red dress at the end of the episode?

    Thank you for this awesome site! <3

  3. Mae

    Aww, congrats on 20 years of happinnes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Agree with you.

    This is great help, but could you please find the purse Robin was wearing in this episode, please ๐Ÿ™‚ It is this one

  4. Christina

    Did anyone recognize Victoria’s key necklace she wore for a large part of the episode?

  5. Lauren

    I am trying to find Robin’s gold bar necklace she’s been wearing throughout Season 8. Was def in episode 6. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Anonymous

      Is it from lia Sophia called “raise the bar”? It looks like it, but I’m not sure.

      1. Dana Weiss

        The necklace is a custom piece from Switch boutique via the show’s costume designer Reiko Kurumada.

        1. Amber

          Do you know of any similar necklaces? i cant seem to find one close to hers!

          1. Livia

            I’m also desperately searching for this delicate necklace… if anyone has any clue, please let us know!

          2. Dana Weiss

            It’s a custom piece that was ordered from Switch Boutique. You can order one by calling (310) 860-1650

          3. Whitney

            There are several versions on Etsy. Look for ones that are gold filled, not gold plated. Gold filled will be higher quality. The one I bought was about $40 and has my initials stamped on it.


  6. Km

    Anyone know who makes the blue silk top Victoria was wearing for the second half of the episode?

  7. Lauren

    This necklace is similar to the bar necklace Robin wears in this season- I have one and love it!

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