Cougar Town Fashion Preview

Cougar Town Fashion

Cougar Town Fashion photo c/o TBS (very funny.)

I am looking for the shirt Courtney Cox wears in the new cougar town commercial on TBS. it’s a striped shirt – Melanie

You may have heard that Cougar Town is moving to TBS this January, but my sources tell me the show is just as funny and the wineglasses are just as big as ever.

One other thing that hasn’t changed is the fabulous Cougar Town fashion. This season we’ll see more of Jules’ classic, sophisticated style, Ellie’s laid back, conservative chic and of course, my favorite, Laurie’s over the top accessories, hot pink lipstick and color, color, color.

Though we still have to wait a few months to get the full picture of Laurie, Ellie and Jules’ wardrobe, the folks over at Cougar Town gave me the scoop on Courtney Cox’s striped tank from the promo shots to tide us over.

Cougar Town returns to TBS on January 8, which means we have a while to wait.

Might as well fill Big Carl up all the way to the top.

Cougar Town fashion

Courtney Cox as Jules striped orange tank

Cougar Town Style

If you’re wondering about Laurie’s floral dress, it’s from ASOS. I think it’s sold out. You’re welcome for that.




6 thoughts on “Cougar Town Fashion Preview

  1. Sarah Knickrehm

    I am looking for the dress Courtney Cox wears in the TBS Cougar town Tv ad. Its white in front and black in back.

  2. afriend

    Hi – I was inquring about the bracelettes that Laurie wore in the premiere.

  3. Deanna

    I am looking for the dress that Laurie was wearing in her last scenes in S4E4… it’s amazing!

  4. Lisa Ammann

    Hi, I’m trying to find the purple tunic cold shoulder top Laurie wore on the Cougar Town episode last night. Does anyone know where I can find one? Thanks!

  5. Emzikens

    I am DYING to know more info about the pink dress laurie wore in season 4 episode 9 when she is out for dinner with wade and andy, it has lots of sparkles on the cap sleeves and skirt. PLEASE FIND THIS!!!!!!!!! <3 xoxoxo

    1. Dana Weiss

      TopShop ombre sequin prom dress

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