Grimm Fashion: Turquoise tie neck blouse

Aritzia Sabrina Blouse
To order  call 847-205-3672
@possessionista any ideas on this blouse? (yes, I watch Grimm, ok?)- Courtney

    When I first started Possessionista I watched every single show that I wrote about, but as the blog has gotten bigger (and the TV worse) I’ll admit there are a few shows that I’ll write about having never seen a single episode.

    I’m talking of course about Grimm. Because while I know nothing about the show, and even less about the character pictured, I’d know this turquoise tie blouse anywhere.

    Because it’s part of my wardrobe.

    Even if Grimm isn’t part of my weekly TV rundown.

    2 thoughts on “Grimm Fashion: Turquoise tie neck blouse

    1. Anonymous

      in reference to the blouse Smart set in the mall has the SAME black one and in a tank version as well! 🙂

    2. Adrienne

      Can I order anything from aritzia by just calling that number? There is not Aritzia in Miami so that would be helpful….

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