Emily Maynard’s Lace Crochet Tunic at the American Girl Ltore

 Emily Maynard‘s lace crochet tank
Forever 21
Thanks to an anonymous reader for the tip! Leave your name for credit.
Hey Possessionista – Loving Emily Maynard’s necklace & Lace Shirt/dress!! Any clue where to find them!?? Much Thanks.  -Keila

Emily Maynard fashion is a little like quicksand.

You dip your toe in, and the next thing you know it’s sucking you into its seemingly endless hole.

You can try and try to dig your way out, only to find yourself unexpectedly sinking back into the abyss.

Best advice is not to stuggle. Just relax. Take your time.

And know that eventually it’ll stop.

Or you’ll die first.

Emily Maynard style continues


20 thoughts on “Emily Maynard’s Lace Crochet Tunic at the American Girl Ltore

  1. Anonymous

    Exactly! Wether you like her or not! Your exactly right. That is why I follow you. Your brilliant. LoL

  2. Anonymous

    Love the necklace. do you know where its from?

  3. Anonymous

    Youre so awesome!! And she is so darling. Any idea on that necklace? I mean what else will I wear w my new lacey top? 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for the ID, it's purchased!! Any idea on where Emily got this dress? http://sophienettejc.thedeadone.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Crate-Barrel.jpg
    Here is a better shot of it:


  5. Possessionista

    That stud dress is from Forever21 Jillian Harris wore it a few years ago.


  6. Anonymous

    the link does not work…is it no longer available? 🙁

  7. Amanda

    Dana~ Got the shirt…now how 'bout that necklace? (On a side note, I find you totally hilarious. Granted, as a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom of 4 girlies, I don't get out much, but I find you hilarious nonetheless. Thanks for the laughs and great finds!)

  8. Anonymous

    Her studded dress is from forever 21. I have it, it is from a few years ago.

  9. Anonymous

    necklace is from f21 but its sold out completely – chantel

  10. Cheap Clothing

    So cute and fashion able tank. I like this so much.

  11. Christine

    Hi, If anyone is looking for a similar Emily bracelet to one she wore on the bachelorette, i make them. Here is the link to one on ebay! I have more if anyone is interested!!

  12. Anonymous

    I am selling Emily's JadeTribe Nicole Messenger Handbag for $215.00 which is at cost. Sold out currently! If you are interested email me. nwcheercoach@yahoo.ie

  13. Anonymous

    Hey guys
    Just to let you know the necklace is still available on the canada forever21 website, I just got mine today and its so gorgeous in person!

  14. Anonymous

    how did u order it if its being shipped to canada?

  15. Anonymous

    how did u order it if its being shipped to canada?

  16. AshleeOtt

    I live in New York City, how do I get it shipped from Canada? Somebody help me please!!!!!

  17. Anonymous

    I live in New York City, so how do I get it shipped from Canada, somebody HELP ME please!!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    How do I get it shipped from Canada???? Somebody help me please!!!!

  19. AshleeOtt

    How do I get it shipped to the states??? Someone help a girl out please!!!

  20. sarah

    I am not sure, I am from Canada so that's how I ordered it!

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