Emily Maynard’s green blouson dress

Emily Maynard‘s draped green blouson dress
Also seen on Ashley Hebert here


The other day someone asked me how Emily Maynard affords all her clothing.

To be honest, I have no idea. It’s really not my business how someone makes her money (or how she chooses to spend it.) I wouldn’t ask that question of my closest friend, much less a stranger from TV.

Then the person went on to say that Emily doesn’t have a job, to which Emily replied, “looking good is my job.”

One thing is for certain.

Emily has one helluva work ethic.

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15 thoughts on “Emily Maynard’s green blouson dress

  1. Lara

    Pretty ballsy of Emily – good for her for finally standing up for herself!

  2. Anonymous

    Just what society needs more of… an excuse for a lack of education and an alternative purpose for the life of a vapid female. Oy.

  3. Anonymous

    i actually think that was a really stuck up thing to say… i puked a little in my mouth. shes become way too full of herself and shes using the bachelorette to now make more money and be more famous…. fake

  4. Anonymous

    What a pathetic thing to say. She is uneducated, and had a child at 18. People look up to her?? Really?? WHat does she have to offer society? She claims she us a good mom, but she went on the bachelor and the bachelorette? What a joke!

  5. Anonymous

    will she just market anything they ask her? I am pretty sure TEMPTU was her go to make up along with NARS… now all of a sudden it's Benefit? This girl will sell anything to make money, including herself and daughter. I liked her at first, not I am not longer a fan. Get over yourself, you are nothing special. Anyone who has that much trouble finding a man has issues.

  6. Anonymous

    Perhaps females who look up to her are fixated on her lazy lifestyle with bountiful financial benefits. Neither is remotely realistic or indicative of having a working brain and the motivation to do something beyond shopping and primping in front of a mirror. I'm sure Jef is another one of Em's phony disguises – just like her teeth, boobs, nose, extensions and hair dye. Just so many positives to emulate! Not.

  7. mshighfemme

    beautiful dress, I own it too and just ordered the necklace to match from Town & Reese. I am horrible with matching accessories to clothes. Thank you Dana for the help 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Here's a question- in her Jimmy Kimmel live interview shortly after the finale, she responded to a question from Jimmy that she and Jef have not had their own fantasy suite because “We are not married. I am a lady, thank you.” I respect that belief but then why did she have unprotected sex out of wedlock at the age of 18?

  9. Anonymous

    Seriously, she said that!?! Looks like that West Virginia Hoodrat is coming back out!

  10. Anonymous

    Em is queen of the hypocrisy, or in unladylike terminology, she's a pathological liar. She says she was living with Ricky while allegedly engaged to him, at 18. Em doesn't appear to be much of a lady then or now. She spews out BS better than anyone. I'll give her that. She's at the tip top of the fraud scale.

  11. Anonymous

    Hmmmm… Ever heard of forgiveness or changing your beliefs for the better or learning from for mistakes in life. If she never made her mistakes from the past… How could she ever learn from them? She's not a hypocrite – its called growing up and becoming your own. I think she's awesome – she's a hell of a lot better role model than half of the other celebs out there!

  12. Anonymous

    People change, I love her. Who is to judge what she says or dos is fake. She is trying to maintain a positive image, who can criticize that? I think the the judgements flowing in are way worse than her being “fake”… Do a little self analysis before you go spewing your unnecessary/rude/mean opinions on some fashion blog. PS – you are really cool; is that what you are looking for??

  13. Anonymous

    Emily was clearly trying to combat a rude and intrusive and unnecessary comment with some humor. Lighten up people. Do you not have something better to do than reputation bashing on a blog? Prettyyyy pathetic.

  14. Anonymous

    I like this word pathetic that keeps being tossed around. Reputation bashing thats a good one, too. The only name calling is by the Emilu fan club. Did you see GMA yesterday? All they were interested in was the scandal. Poor Jef was trying to get a people water plug in. He got the company name in one time. They clearly weren't ready for that interview! ver

  15. Anonymous

    Dear clock of fame,

    Please tick past 15 minutes for this girl. With the parade of sequins and fake body parts on display I feel like I'm stuck in a Dolly Parton video. Or perhaps you could turn backwards to a time of Jillian or Molly. Either one would be awesome.

    Thanks so much,
    Loving Possessionista in the South

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