Emily Maynard’s coyote fox shirt

Urban Outfitters
@Possessionista Hi Dana! I just can’t help myself..do you know where the wolf tee Emily is wearing is from? Thank you!  – Roxanne

Of all the rumors circulating about Emily Maynard, my favorite is that she’s just a homebody.

For all the glamorous Fashion Week photos, couture gowns and $1000 shoes, sometimes a mom just wants to throw on an old graphic tee and a pair of leggings and stay in on a Saturday playing on her computer.

Believe. Me.

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  1. how the heck do you find something that doesn't even exist anymore?? you are a fashion God.

  2. and yess, I love her fashion! Especially hanging out on a Saturday night. Keep it comin!!!

  3. Love this. Cute and comfy. Im just usually comfy. :/

  4. I don like it.

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