Emily Maynard fashion: Emily Maynard’s red maxi skirt

Click here to buy emily maynard’s red maxi skirt
 (Regularly $65. Possessionista exclusive price: $45)
In terms of economics, there’s a theory about “trickle down” economics. The idea that tax benefits to the rich will also benefit the poor.
And in terms of Bachelorette fashion, there’s a theory that when Emily Maynard wears something, viewers eventually will benefit.
Okay, that’s not really a thing. I just made it up.
Even so, I thought it was a nifty way to tell you guys that Mary Beth York, the creator of Rock Your Tube has reissued Emily’s Rock Your Tube red maxi skirt. The lycra “tube,” can also be worn as a maxi dress. (See, dual purpose! Two dresses in one.)
And because I created that whole economic theory to validate Emily Maynard fashion, I got Mary Beth to offer the red tube for $45 (it’s $65 for everyone else.)
So you can benefit from Emily Maynard fashion too.
I cannot for the life of me fathom why I got a D in economics.
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6 thoughts on “Emily Maynard fashion: Emily Maynard’s red maxi skirt

  1. Anonymous

    Hasn't Em's 15 minutes dried up yet? She's (thankfully) off our TV screens for good and that stretch of cheap, tacky lycra accentuating every nook & cranny is as ugly as sin. Doing Ari's mamma a favor is one thing; looking like the epitome of a daytime streetwalker is totally unnecessary.

  2. Lisa

    Woah there anaon! I am not sure of what you are so bitter about other than this prob wouldnt look too good on you?
    People that come to Possessionista, come for Em's fashion. Leave your rude remarks to yourself

  3. Jessica

    I just received my skirt today and I love it. It’s gorgeous and I highly recommend it : )

  4. Jessie

    Just received my skirt, and I love it!!!! Thanks for the hook up Dana! 🙂

  5. Megan

    Bought it! Thanks Dana!

    1. Megan

      And also, thanks for getting us the $45 reduced price…greatly appreciated! 🙂

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