Pretty Little Liars Fashion: What Lies Beneath

Today my mother informed me that when I win my first Academy Award she expects to be thanked in my speech which is ridiculous, because I won’t be winning any Academy Awards.

Only Emmys and Golden Globes.


The point is, I’m visiting my family which means that, amongst other things, I missed out on this week’s Pretty Little Liars.

It’s a weird sensation, sleeping in your childhood home as a grown ass adult (TM Chris Bukowski) who still has to have her TV watching approved by her parental units.

Needless to say, there will be no Honey Boo Boo fashion ID’s this week either.

What would my mom think?

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Aria’s snakeprint jeans
Spencer’s peplum top
Petticoat Alley, via Macys
Hannah’s ruffle blouse
Karen Millen
Aria’s print skirt and blouse
Emily’s print T and turquoise jeans
Jeans: JBrand
Spencer’s eyelet blouse
Atzi blouse via Anthropologie
Hanna’s tropical floral blouse
Emily’s cut out leather vest

4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Fashion: What Lies Beneath

  1. Anonymous

    Where can I get Emilys vest? It's amazing! Help

  2. Elle-Jay

    Where can I get Aria's necklace?

  3. Elle-Jay

    Where can I get Aria's necklace?

  4. Megan

    Emily's vest is the brand:
    april, may

    I actually saw it at my nordstrom rack 🙂

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