Pretty Little Liars fashion: Single Fright Female

Slowly but surely ABC Family is becoming the teen pregnancy channel.

What once was a bevy of family friendly teen programming has slowly morphed into the “let’s glorify underage pregnancies.”

I’m no prude. I know kids are having sex. I just wish the programming was a little more realistic.

Starting with the cold hard facts: not everyone who gets pregnant ends up with abs like Shailene Woodley and Ezra’s babymomma Maggie.

Believe. Me.

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Aria’s blue wedge Halogen
Aria’s cut out dress, Anthropologie
Aria’s elephant belt, Anthropologie
Aria’s peplum dress
Emily’s front tie yellow tee
Hanna’s Racoon Tank
Maggie’s lace top
Spencer’s pink chevron dress
Spencer’s lace dress
Hanna’s colorblock dres


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks as always for your excellent coverage of Pretty Little Liars. Hannah's dress is the Yumi Kim 'Do the Twist Dress'


  2. Anonymous says:

    What about Hanna's multi shade blue dress

  3. What about Hannah's blue dress that she wore in the store? And Emily's purple dress? Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you identify the adorable dress that evil Ali was wearing in the flashback on the street?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hanna's dress is actually available at Bloomingdales, its a maxi dress! It's the Yumi Kim Leigh Maxi, so if you search it you will be able to find it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    And how about Emily's black pants she wore with the yellow top?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Could you find Ali's pink dress when she got out of the car in the flashback?! I believe it was silk and had a pattern :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    The brief moment we saw Emily in the Burgandy dress… Wow… I have never wanted one so badly!
    Can you PLEASE identify?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Emily's black pants are Zara

  10. Ali's pink/polka dot dress please! So cute :)

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