Katie Holmes polka dot pom pom sweater

I’m always been into girl power. Seriously, the Spice Girls Wannabe was my college anthem.

So there’s something about Katie Homes post TomKat breakup that just warms my heart. It’s like watching every Freshman who scored the senior captain of the football team, realized he was a douchebag, and left him single for prom that makes me want to stand up and shout, “You go, Ohio!.”

Okay maybe there’s some projection there.

The point is Katie Holmes is absolutely killing it these days. One of my favorite looks was strolling with Suri at Pastis last week in what I thought was a polka dot sweater, but it turns out they’re teeny tiny bows. (Cute, right?)

Right now you can pre-order the fall collection at JCrew.com.

Just ask for the tippi sweater in swiss dot (item 95623- thanks Florida Mommy)

Because seriously, how cute is this sweater for that upcoming homecoming football game?

3 thoughts on “Katie Holmes polka dot pom pom sweater

  1. Christine

    The sweater is in stores already. I saw it this past weekend ( I'm in Georgia). Too cute.

  2. Kim West

    Katie Holmes is a picture perfect girl. She may wear simple clothes but still looks so elegant!

  3. Kate

    Yes, very cute outfit…for October!!! It was 90 degrees last week in NYC!!!! I was hot in a sundress!

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