The Bachelorette Finale fashion

Most. Dramatic. Final. Rose. Ever.
I just really wanted to say that.
But seriously, it’s been a journey for all of us, following Emily Maynard‘s good (and not so good) fashion this season of the Bachelorette.
What lies in store for Emily and her new fiancee (I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t seen the ending, or live under a rock) is yet to be determined.
And much like the fashion we’ll be seeing tomorrow on Bachelor Pad, it could be really good.
Or really really bad.
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Emily Maynard’s zig zag halter maxi dress
yes, it’s a different color. yes. I’m sorry.

Emily Maynard’s green drop earrings

Emily Maynard’s coral robe
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Emily Maynard’s bird necklace
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Emily Maynard’s print asymetric skirt

Emily’s diamond love ring
Emily’s gold bracelet
Meredith Marks Mary Navette Cuff
Emily Maynard’s neon yellow slit skirt

Emily Maynard’s finale dress
Jean Fares

84 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Finale fashion

  1. Anonymous

    What about the ring!

  2. Aly

    Going to miss her, tear.

    How much was her finale dress???

  3. Anonymous

    Can you please ID her multiple color bracelets from her date with jef! Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    where did she get her purple dress she wore with that cool necklace from brads season? thanks dana!!

  5. Kristen

    I'm in seattle,so the finale hasn't aired yet…but thank you the the bracelet ID!!

  6. Anonymous

    Can you PLEASE find the ombre looking red dress she wears during the scene where Jef meets her family? Thanks so much! -Jenna

  7. Anonymous

    Also want those bracelets! Bright colored Cheerios? Lol. I remember seeing them in a magazine.. I know you know, Dana!:)

  8. Anonymous

    I only saw a glimse of the red bikini Emily wore on her date with Jeff, but that's all it took to know I had to have it. I was Hoppig you could use your ID abilities and find it for me! Thanks!

  9. Anonymous

    Where did the denim shirt come from?

  10. Anonymous

    Can you find the dress her sister in law was wearing when Arie met the family? I love it!

  11. Anonymous

    Can you find the dress her sister-in-law was wearing when Arie met the family? I love it!

    1. ThinItToWinIt

      It was from forever 21 but last years collection

  12. Anonymous

    What about the neon maxi skirt that she wore on her date with Jef?

    1. nicole

      It's sold out everywhere! Can you Find out if they'll restock or not please? Thanks

  13. Anonymous

    That jean shirt please!

  14. Anonymous

    what about the necklace she wore when Jef met her family?

  15. NOELLE

    Please ID her green skirt she wears by the pool with Jeff. Thank you!

  16. Anonymous

    Is the big chunky necklace she wore with the purple dress on Jefs family date the same one she got during Brads season? If not, can you ID it?

  17. Anonymous

    i posted the top she wore out and about shopping on ebay.. i have this top and its so cute and the material is so silky and light!

  18. Anonymous

    Do you know where she got her neon green skirt and black tank from her date with Jef? Thanks!!

  19. Erica D

    Dana… Do you have any idea what brand her white tank is that she was wearing while talking to Chris Hansen? I love the fit of it. Thanks!!!

  20. Anonymous

    Could you find her lime green maxi with the two slits and black band?

  21. Anonymous

    can you ID her pink robe with white lace trim from this episode?

  22. Anonymous

    Did I spot Possessionista friendship bracelets on Emily during Jef's date?!?!?! They were so cute with that skirt….

  23. Katie

    NEED to know about the purple ombré mini dress please!!

  24. Anonymous

    Do you know where she got the lime green skirt she wore in the finale??

  25. brittianywilson

    Any suggestions on the neon skirt she was wearing when Jef met Ricki?!

  26. Anonymous

    Can you please ID the cute lace trimmed pink robe Emily wore in several scenes in the finale?

  27. Anonymous

    Could you please ID the fluorescent yellow skirt she was wearing on the beach with Jef on the final episode before introducing him to her daughter?? Thanks!

  28. Anonymous

    I think the bright bracelets are Vanessa Moodey. Sold out:(

  29. Anonymous

    Can you find that purple dress?

  30. Anonymous

    Finale 3 tier earrings ID please!!! They're amazing and I love them maybe even more than the pink and blue sapphire pair by The Woods. Thank you!!!

  31. Sara

    I would love to know about the denim shirt Emily wears after swimming with Jef and Ricki, if you get a chance!

  32. Anonymous

    I'm sure you are working on it, but can you find the purple dress and necklace she wore on the finale when Jef met her family. Thanks!

  33. Anonymous

    Where is her white tank top from?

  34. Anonymous

    I have to have the purple dress & necklace from when Jef met her family…too fab!

  35. Anonymous

    Can you please find the flower necklace and the purple ombre dress she is wearing when Jef meets her family?

  36. Sarah K

    Yes, please let us know about the pretty bracelets she wore! They almost seemed like they had tiny coins on them or something.

  37. Anonymous

    The Bailey 44 skirt isn't available on the Neimans website…is there anyway you can work your magic and find some?! You're the best 🙂

  38. Anonymous

    Could you please ID the necklace she wore with the denim shirt and red skirt early in the show?

  39. Anonymous

    Yes, please let us know about the bracelets she was wearing! I think they were maybe turquoise and gold?

  40. Anonymous

    ombre purple dress + necklace…pretty please!

  41. Anonymous

    the long red skirt in the beginning of the finale— where is that from?!

  42. Anonymous

    in the finale– where is the long red skirt from that she wore with the denim button down?

  43. Anonymous

    What about the neon lime skirt that she wore as a cover-up during her date with Jef!? Thanks!

  44. Anonymous

    Yes, please ID the dress when Jeff meets her family

  45. Anonymous

    I am dying to know about the necklace she wore at the end of her day with Jef! She was wearing a white dress and had the necklace on with it – it was coral colored and had a sun charm (I think) at the end of it. Please help!!!

  46. Ali

    Do you know where the neon skirt she wore on the beach/house pool (on her date with Jef) is from?

  47. Anonymous

    Yes, can you find out the info on the outfit she wore when Jef met het family!

  48. Aubrey

    Dana! Loved your shoes with the fringe on the After Party! Where can I get a pair!?

  49. Anonymous

    What about the earrings she wore during the proposal? Gorgeous! And I'm sure – not so affordable!!

  50. Anonymous

    Love the white (or gray) strapless dress Emily wore on her final evening date with Jef. Help me find it please!!!

  51. Anonymous

    What about the line green sarong on the beach with jef?

  52. Anonymous

    Hi Dana,
    Can you ID Emily's white dress and coral necklace when she was on her date with Jef Thx. Also, her gold flower necklace.

    1. Anonymous

      I would also love where to find that white dress!! can't find it anywhere!!! 🙁

  53. Anonymous

    Can you d the pink dress/cover up she wore while with ricki at table in beginning. It had crochet trim. Thx

    1. Anonymous

      That's a Robe, she identified it a while ago, look in previous posts it's by Love Ophelia I think?

  54. Anonymous

    Can you please ID the earrings she was wearing with this dress?

  55. Kathleen

    What about the bright yellow bathing suit skirt cover up?

  56. Anonymous

    Any idea what type of strapless bra she wears with all of those adorable shirts? I have never found something strapless that looks as smooth underneath clothing. Thanks!

  57. Anonymous

    Yikes! That bracelet is expensive! Can anyone help me find a less expensive similar one?


  58. Anonymous

    Do you know what nail polish she was wearing with the peach dress during the proposal? It was not the usual Ballet Slippers. It was more of a peach colour to match the dress.


  59. Anonymous

    Hi there can you find the outfit she wore on the beach with Jeff! Shirt and skirt?:) I love it!! Thanks for all you do you make my life so much easier!!!

  60. Anonymous

    What about the silver square charm bracelet she was wearing as writing a note?? I need it!

  61. Anonymous

    I'm searching for the watch she wears during most of the 1st part of the final episode….loved it….now I need to know if I can afford it!;) lol Thank you!

  62. Christina Z.

    Hey! To one of the earlier posters, the red coral bikini Emily wore was the coral string bikini from Voda Swim –

  63. Anonymous

    Can you please find the purple ombre dress Emily wears when Jef meets her family?

  64. Anonymous

    please can u ID the ombre dress? love it!! pls pls pls just that and that can be the last thing.

  65. cbdenham

    Pretty pretty please find the purple dress Emily was wearing when Jef met her family!! You're the best 🙂

  66. Anonymous

    Hey ladies! where is the red skirt from that she wears in the beginning of the show. she wore it with the denim long sleeve.

  67. m.

    Ditto on the purple ombré dress and the red skirt

  68. lori

    Id love to know where to get her white tank. I love the fit and it doesnt seem to be too thin.

  69. Anonymous

    Can you ID the white bikini she was wearing when she was swimming in the pool with Ricki at the beginning of the episode? Thanks so much!!!

  70. Anonymous

    anyone who still wants emily maynards paint splattered tee, i posted it on ebay, sold out everywhere

  71. Anonymous

    Earrings at the final rose??

  72. Anonymous

    Another request for the purple ombre dress!

  73. Anonymous

    anyone know where the long red skirt is from — in the beginning of the episode???

  74. Anonymous

    Dana, please id her purple ombre dress and also her red maxi skirt! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂

  75. Priscilla

    I am so sorry but any idea where I can find something similar to her turquoise ring that she wore with her love ring? Thanks! Your the best!!!!

  76. Jessica

    Dana, do you think you could help ask Bailey 44 to re-release the skirt? It's so pretty but it's sold out both on the Neimans web site and in most stores, Thanks!

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