Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Crazy

Pretty Little Liars this week is called Crazy
And appropriately enough that’s just how I feel right now, shoved into a maintenance corner at LAX trying my best to decipher what’s happening with those little liars on the world’s worst internet connection
Hey it’s free and I haven’t received any menacing texts from A so who am I to complain?
In lieu of watching this episode until later tomorrow, I figured I’d show you what Hannah and Spencer  were wearing based on the photos from the ABC FAmily website for fear of getting menacing text messages from some of you for not finding clothes from Pretty Little Liars fashion fast enough.
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Hanna’s lavender sleeveless blouse and peach jeans
Lavender blouse: Rebecca Minkoff
Hanna’s peach jeans: DL1961
Spencer’s white blouse and sailor skirt
 Eyelet blouse: All Saints
Sailor skirt: TopShop

5 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Crazy

  1. Chelsea

    I love your blog Dana, esp for the PLL fashion! Last night I was watching and was shocked because there was a huge shoutout for Vera scarves and a huge display of vintage Vera in that shop CeCe worked at–and I work for the Vera company. LOVED it!

  2. Chelsea

    I love your blog, Dana–especially for the PLL fashion posts! I was so shocked last night to hear a huge shout out for Vera scarves and a huge display of vintage Vera in the shop that CeCe worked at because I'm such a big fan of the show AND I work for the Vera Company! Loved it!

  3. Kylie

    Does anyone know where I could find Ella's (aria's mum) necklace that she wore on her date?

  4. Anonymous

    Do you know where I can find Spencer's boots that she wore with her outfit you posted?

  5. Anonymous

    Do you know where I could find CeCe's white lace blazer?

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