Emily Maynard’s Men Tell All Hot Pink Dress

If you haven’t seen it by now, there’s a sneak peek of the Men Tell All floating around the Internet. (Head over to my friends at WetPaint and check it out, y’all)

And speaking of sneak peeks…

I got a sneak peek at Emily Maynard’s bachelorette fashion from the Men Tell All.

Emily’s ROCKING a pink Herve Leger bandage dress, Louboutins and jewelry by Cezua.

See, Emily found true love.

But when it comes to this outfit, a lot of you are going to be left brokenhearted.

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Love the look but hate the price? Check out these versions. They don’t look exactly the same. But they don’t cost exactly the same, either.

Left:  BDG Bandage Dress Urban Outfitters 

10 thoughts on “Emily Maynard’s Men Tell All Hot Pink Dress

  1. Anonymous

    Can you find a more affordable dupe for this dress pls?? 🙂 Love you & your blog!

  2. Amanda Leigh

    Not only have I been disappointed with Emilys fashion this season… Ive also been disappointed with the price tags. Sure the MTA dress and the ATFR dress are usually high end, but I feel like most of her clothes this season are pretty much unaffordable to the everyday person. Unlike Jillian's fashion… I miss seeing Jillians's fashion. 🙁

  3. Anonymous

    Do you realize that The BAchelorette is not a “how to” show? The goal is not to put the star in clothes so you can buy them. Sorry you don't like the prices but that's like complaining about not liking the font on a menu in a restaurant.

  4. Anonymous

    i have listed the jessica simpson shoes she wore on ebay if anyone is interested


  5. Anonymous

    Do you have any idea on what kind of makeup organizer she uses? I remember seeing it on an previous episode and I loved how it looked! Thank you Dana!!

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where the other hot pink dress she wore last night is from? The one from her interviews with Chris?

  7. Anonymous

    Where did the white formal jumpsuit come from?

  8. Anonymous

    Hot Miama Styles had the almost identical dress for under $100!

  9. Marylyn

    i got a pov of the super hot pamela in 1080p HD? go to my channel.

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