Emily Maynard’s lace trim robe

Emily Maynard’s coral robe

You wouldn’t believe the stuff people ask me.

What kind of perfume Emily Maynard wears. How she gets her tan. What kind of underwear she wears (my husband asked that one. kidding.) Where she gets her makeup organizer.


So it’s no surprise that people are as interested in what clothes she’s wearing, and what clothes she’s not wearing.

When it comes to delicates, this season of the Bachelorette, Love Ophelia puts the “robe” in Emily’s ward-ROBE. (See what I did there?)

The ladies of Love Ophelia tipped me off that we’ll be seeing Emily in another Love Ophelia robe during the finale of the Bachelorette (oops, spoiler alert.)

Here’s another spoiler. When Emily wore this robe on the first episode, it went out of stock almost immediately. Now the Serendipity robe is back in stock and Possessionista readers will get 20% off with the code POSS20.

What’s under that robe? I don’t even want to know.

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6 thoughts on “Emily Maynard’s lace trim robe

  1. Sarah

    Emily's makeup organizer is from the container store. It's actually meant to be a women's shoe drawer/organizer. I know this because I have the same one that I store my makeup in and was elated when I saw Emily using the same one. TWINSIES! 😀

  2. Anonymous

    Can you post a picture of the container you use?

  3. Tj And Amy

    thanks. I have been wanting to know where to get the organizer. do you have a link? sarah?? Thanks.

  4. Sarah

    Here you go:

    Dana: I hope this is ok. I don't want to be spamming your site.

    Anon & TJ and Amy: These are quite possibly one of the best alternatives to the famous Kim Kardashian Clear Cube makeup organizer which retails for $300. You can also get dividers for these but they are sold separately.

    I personally like them because I can mix and match the shoe drawers with the clear shirt drawers and the clear sweater drawers(which are both much bigger sizes if you have a ton of makeup)because they are all stackable. They have been my favourite way of organizing my makeup because you can see exactly what is in them. Plus, it looks very sleek, clean, and so put together. I have 6 and I absolutely love them. Hope this helps :).

  5. Tj And Amy

    thank you sarah!

  6. Amber D

    My robe came in today. Its very lovely.

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